An autumn day “Crushing the apples and Theatre”

Only available in October and November

10.00 am: Welcome to the farm with a hot drink and a croissant. Then a guide takes care of the group.

10:45 am: Visit of the Ecomuseum. Then the horse is crushing the apples in the traditionnal way.

1:00 pm: Lunch at the Auberge du Grand Chemin: perry kir, raw vegetables, pommel buckwheat pancake, Norman roast pork, local cheeses, pear clafoutis flamed with calvados, cider wine and coffee included

3:00 pm: Theatre on the farm: “A campaign killer” or the election of an atypical pigs killer, Basile Boitou “vote for BB bleed ubureaucrates” (in French)

5:00 pm: Last bowlful of cider with home made pie baked in the bread oven; projection of the video of the day

5:45 pm: End of the activities

Price groups 2016: October and November: € 38.40 / Pers.

(Autocarist, please, contact us.)